Personal data / Privacy Policy

  1. Placing an Order is tantamount to the Customer's consent to place his personal data in the Online Gallery database for processing in connection with the implementation of the Order.

  2. The administrator of the personal data used in the Online Gallery is the Owner.

  3. In the event of registering a Customer Profile through social media networking sites such as Facebook, Google or Twitter the Online Gallery will gain access to some of the Customer's personal data posted on the social network site, in accordance with the website's privacy policy.

  4. Each Customer has the right to inspect their personal data and to correct them through the Customer Profile.

  5. Customer's personal data is not disclosed to third parties. It an be handed over to intermediaries in ordering courier services, postal operators and courier companies in order to complete the order.

  6. Any user who has created a Customer Profile may request to delete it at any time. The profile will be deleted within 24 hours. You will not be able to restore such an account. The Customer will have to request a new Profile and enter all the data.

  7. The request for permanent deletion of the Customer Profile with all the data should be sent via the contact form to the Customer Service Department.

  8. The Online Gallery protects the personal data provided to it and makes every effort to protect it against unauthorized access or use.