The possibility of ordering an individual, personalized painting. 

To place an Order for a individual personalized painting, you must have a Customer Profile and be logged in.

Placing an order is done through the CONTACT panel, where you should choose ORDER PAINTING.

When ordering please send: 

1. Preferably a few illustrative photos. 

2. Description of the subject of the painting.

3. Size of the painting.

4. Suggestions for the tone of the painting. 

The Customer recieves information about the possible date, price and form of delivery. 

After confirming the Order, the Customer is obliged to pay a minimum of 50% of the price of the painting in the form of an advance payment, which is tantamount to the Purchase agreement. 

After starting the work on the painting, breaking the contract results in forfeiture of the advance. 

The remainder of the costs, the price of the painting plus shipping must be paid before the package is shipped. 

Painting to order is not a subject to the right of withdrawal from the agreement. 


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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