7 Steps to Your Painting on the Wall



Step 1 - Creating from Scratch


Welcome to the magical process of ordering your own painting! 


This blank canvas awaits your artistic touch.



Choose the size and layout of the painting: vertical, horizontal, or square. All options are available.


You also have the choice of two types of painting loom: traditional, with a thickness of 2 cm, or thicker - 5 cm, providing a three-dimensional effect on the wall.




 Step 2 - Your Vision - Now It's Time for Your Creativity!


Prepare your story about the subject of your painting.


Whether it's a landscape from your favorite city, a captivating street, or a moment you want to capture, don't hesitate to send photos or detailed descriptions. Together, we will create an incredible story on canvas!


Please provide as much information as possible about what you would like to see on your personalized painting. The more information we have, the better we can understand your vision and personalize it according to your expectations. 


Here are a few questions that will help you describe your idea:


Theme and Atmosphere:

What theme or scene would you like the artist to portray on the canvas?

What is the overall atmosphere or mood you want the artwork to convey?

Is it a landscape, portrait, place, object, or something entirely different?


Details and Elements:

Are there specific elements or details you would like to include in the painting?

Are there any distinctive features that you want to highlight?



What colors or color palette would you like the artist to use?

Are there any colors that hold particular significance or symbolism for you?



Do you have a vision for the arrangement and composition of the artwork?

Are there certain proportions or relationships between elements that you want to maintain?



Do you have any reference photos or inspirations you'd like to share with the artist?

Is there something you've seen before and liked that could serve as a source of inspiration?


Additional Notes:

Are there any other details you'd like to share or additional notes that could help in understanding your vision?


Your ideas and information are incredibly important for us to create an artwork that meets your expectations. Don't hesitate to share your creativity and ideas – they are what will make your artwork unique and perfectly tailored to you.


Of course, you can also surrender to the artist's vision by providing just a general outline of your expectations. In that case, the artist's experience and imagination will take the lead, creating a unique masterpiece that will exceed even your boldest expectations.



Step 3 - Your Vision


Share your vision through our CONTACT PAGE  choose ORDER the PAINTING


or send a message to email: matamsterdam@gmail.com


The artist will familiarize themselves with your vision and decide if they can meet your expectations.


Once the decision is made, you will receive information about the possible timeframe and costs.


This is also the time for any additional questions to create something truly exceptional.



Step 4 - The Magic of Transformation


Once all the details are clear, the artist moves on to creating a digital project. It's like putting together a puzzle - each piece is tailored to your expectations. The painting project is crafted on a graphic tablet, forming the foundation for the final masterpiece.


Naturally, you will receive the project for verification and approval, and you can also suggest revisions. It's your painting, your input!


When the project is ready, we enter a phase where your vision takes on real shapes. However, I'd like to inform you about a crucial aspect of this process. Mathias's painting style, impressionistic and expressive, along with the final finish using expressive black and white lines, are unique and irreplaceable elements of the evolving artwork. They are not only the heart but also the soul of Mathias's paintings.


Once the project is approved, the actual artwork is created, and at this point, there's no possibility of introducing additional revisions. Every line, every detail is an expressive expression of the artist's feelings precisely placed on the canvas.


This is the moment where your vision blends with the artist's skills, creating a one-of-a-kind painting. Hence, to achieve our shared goal and craft a piece that resonates genuinely with you, it's essential that we consider all elements during the design, such as details, colors, and composition. Now, your decisions shape the future masterpiece.



Examples of projects and paintings that were created based on them.


Zwolle, digital project painting 



Project completion 

Canal of Zwolle original acrylic painting 



Haarlem water tower, digital project painting 



Project completion 

Haarlem water tower original acrylic painting 





Step 5 - The Artist Begins the Painting Process.


Project approved? It's time for order finalization. 


We will send you a proforma invoice which, upon payment, turns into reality. 


The artist starts working, using their experience and skills to turn your vision into reality.



Step 6 - Awaiting the Miracle.


Your painting is being created, but this is also a moment full of impatience and anticipation.


Do you want to see a photo of the painting before it's packed and shipped or picked up, or do you prefer to be surprised by the result in person? The choice is yours!



Step 7 - Your Artwork.


Your Story, Your painting, is ready. And we take care of every detail. Carefully packed with a certificate and securely protected, it sets off on a journey to you.


When it adorns your space, share with us your emotions and reflections. It would be delightful to see a photo of how the painting acclimatizes on your wall.


You co-created this masterpiece, and now your story merges with ours.




We invite you to take this magical step towards your own personalized artwork. Your canvas is awaiting its transformation!


Give us the opportunity to create a work of art together that will not only adorn your space but also tell your unique story. Open the door to creativity and collaboration, and together we will achieve a result that will amaze you.


We're eagerly awaiting your idea – place your order and witness how your vision becomes reality!




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