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Amsterdam artist

painter, designer, photographer 







The artist is looking for an impression of color and light,

The acrylic technique and expressive colors give the painting

sense of time stopped, detained impressie




 Linear impasto.


Painting technique on the border of sensations and expression.

The artist is looking for the emotion of light and movement.

He uses bold colors.


Thanks to its unique style,

he found himself in the line of color and light,

expressive emphasis on painting with lines.
































The need for painting



It is my first and most important need.

     Creating a mood.

The whole creative process is very difficult, but playing with colors and forms brings a great joy.

I always make several paintings at once, paint them in a series, I can see all of these paintings, I can confront them.

The creation of a painting exists first in the artist's head. An image will not appear on the canvas until I see it in my imagination.

Whilst I’m working on a paintings, I have an idea for the next one and the following one already appears in my mind.


It is a like chasing for something better, for perfection that seems to be here, but is still not found.

I aim at reaching precision in my paintings. I forget about a painting while working on it.

The picture gets separated from reality and starts living its own life.

I am overwhelmed by colours, shapes and space. The abstract reality is all that matters.


I work selectively, and I create a new world while making choices.

This world is still the same, yet more perfect with its colours and shapes. 

Where the mood indicates a need, I reject something from reality, add something from the imagination.

Theme of my work is a specific climate, a state of affection, an admiration of light, a color or movement,

a noticeable atmosphere of a place, reflected in the painting.


First, it is slightly impressionistic.

Paint brushes are not the final ones, new decisions can be made, everything can be changed. 

An intangible boundary when the canvas becomes a painting is the most difficult. You need to feel this moment.


Linear impasto

It is an expression that gives the painting its character and form.

The lines put on the painting become a final form, every move brings an irreversible situation. 

When you look at my paintings do not try to decipher them or read them, do not look for understanding.    

Just try to feel the atmosphere, feel the mood.