Welcome to the fascinating world of PRINT OF ART.

Here you will discover a unique mix of Inkography, photoprint and art prints.


Are you looking for an original touch for your interior?

Then you've come to the right place.


Unique technique, very distinctive style and perfectly coordinated design.

All this, combined with modern technology and digitization,

offers unparalleled printing for digital art enthusiasts

and tourists looking for exceptional souvenirs.





These are artistic prints made on high-quality printing paper with ink. 

Inkography is a technique that uses ink to create impressive images.


Digital Art and Digital Painting: The Future of Art


In our collection you will also find beautiful pieces of digital art and digital painting.

These modern art forms use digital technology to create stunning visual effects.


Based on original paintings created over the last years,

Mathias has developed a collection of prints 




Digitally processed artwork has found new life in the digital world.


Another collection in Inkography is




an art form gaining prominence in the art market.

Created entirely on a computer using graphic design software,

the artist skillfully translates their character and style into digital images.





This is a print of artistic photos and photocopies

on high-quality photographic paper.


Photoprint, on the other hand, brings photography

and print together in one work of art.

Together they form a unique style that you won't find anywhere else.


In the




you will find artistic photos of Amsterdam taken by Mathias.

Fragments of the city and fragments of life within it.

These photographs are small pieces of the artist's journey

through Amsterdam in search of inspiration.


We also offer 




Fine Art prints 

a traditional method known in the art market for many years.

It's an exact replica of original paintings in limited editions.






This is a collection of artistic t-shirts designed by Mathias.

Art doesn't have to hang only on walls; it can be a perfect design for t-shirts too.

Here, you will find shirts thematically related to Mathias's painting collections,

as well as events we organize.





We print and stretch Digital Art and Digital painting collections onto canvas

and frame them on wooden stretcher bars.

This combines traditional painting - canvas stretched on a wooden frame,

with modern printing techniques.

The print is perfectly complemented by the characteristic design

on the sides in the form of a mosaic of colorful squares.





Prints on plexiglass are a breath of modernity in art design.

Digital Art and Digital painting create an incredible effect

when combined with the glossy surface of plexiglass.

Graphics rich in color are the perfect wall decor in a contemporary home.





We also maintain the tradition of artistic posters.

These are Mathias's designs, created in his distinctive style.

They often consist of short, thematic collections related to painting series or special events.



Whether you're looking for a big statement piece for your living room,

or a subtle print for your study, you'll find it here. 



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