Shipping service

  1. Shipping service – a service to deliver an Order to a Customer.

  2. The price of the Shipping service is the sum of the costs: securing packaging and sending the Product, hereinafter reffered to as Shipping Cost.

  3. The Online Gallery sends it Products via

  4. In special situations, Products can be delivered by a non-standard form of delivery, which is individially agreed with the Customer.

  5. Shipment of Products ordered in the Online Gallery usually takes place within 3 business days of confirming the Purchase agreement.

  6. In special cases, the shipping time may change, which we inform about in the Product description or in the confirmation of the Purchase Agreement, or by a separate e-mail to the e-mail adress provided when placing the Order.

  7. Product are well protected and carefully packed.

  8. If the Customer has ordered more than one Product, the Online Gallery may deliver Products in seperate shipments, due to their safety and charge additional shipping fee.

  9. The shipping cost is processed and updated depending on the quantity of the ordered Products .

  10. The Online Gallery may apply for a surchange to the shipping costs if they have been incorrectly calculated.

  11. The Online Gallery returns teh overpayment related to shipping costs, if these turn out to be lower than the ones charged.

  12. Shipping Orders will be processed after paying all costs.

  13. After receiving the package, the Customer should carefully chech the condition of the packaging and its contents.

  14. If the Customer sees any defects or damage he/she should draw up a damage report.

  15. Questions regarding shipping should be directed via the contact form to the Customer Service Department.