Original Acrylic Paintings of Dutch cityscape


Welcome to our mesmerizing collection of original paintings,

handcrafted by the talented artist Mathias.

Each piece is a testament to Mathias's unique artistic expression.


Dutch cityscape paintings are not just images;

they are stories told through vivid colors and dynamic compositions.


Mathias pours his emotions onto the canvas,

creating artworks that convey the energy and soul of each city.


Collection showcases cities that are the heart and soul of the Netherlands.

From the enchanting streets of Utrecht to the tranquil canals of Zwolle,

the vibrant energy of Haarlem to the historic charm of Amersfoort,

and the modern allure of Rotterdam

– each painting carries the essence of the city it represents.


Bringing Dutch Urban Life to Your Space


Experience the magic of Dutch cities on your own walls.

Mathias's paintings are more than mere decorations;

they are windows into the urban stories of the Netherlands.

Each stroke of the brush is a journey through the alleys,

bridges, and streets that define the Dutch urban landscape.


These artworks offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Dutch urban life.



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