10% + 10% PROMOTION

Create a customer account and subscribe to the newsletter - you will receive a permanent 10% discount.

Enter the code START.ONLINE when ordering in the basket - you will receive a 10% discount (valid until September 7, 2020)

Together you will get a 20% discount.

By subscribing to the Newsletter you will receive a message with an activation link.

The message may be in SPAM.


  1. Newsletter is a form of contact with the Customers interested in Products in the Online Gallery.

  2. As a part of the Newsletter, the Customer will receive:

    1. Kleine Atelier information brochure – regularly every month.

    2. Information about new products in the Online Gallery.

    3. Information on new Products.

    4. Information about planned events.

    5. Information on promotions, competitions and auctions.

  3. The Customer will regularly receive Newsletter emails, besed on the consent he has given, when subscribing or registering the Customer Profile.

  4. When subscribing please enter your e-mail address.

  5. When registering a Customer Profile, all you have to do is to tick that you want to receive the Newsletter.

  6. The Customer may unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any times.

  7. You can unsubscribe from the Customer Profile or by sending a message via the contact form to the Customer Service department.


  1. Permanent Promotions:

    1. Connecting Customer- Customer Profile with a newsletter subscribtion – 10% fixed discount which can be combined with other promotions.

    2. Regular Customer – Customer Profile, newsletter subscription and purchases exceeding 2000 euro. - 10% fixed discount, which can be combined with other promotuions.

  2. Auctions – Kleine Atelier regularlt exhibits paintings at art auctions.

  3. Seasonal promotions are implemented on an ongoing basis and are governed by their own rules, of which the Customers are kept informated about.

  4. Contests – carried out on a regular basis with their own rules.

  5. Codes, gift vouchers and promotional vouchers are governed by their own rules, of which the Customers are kept informed about.