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Original acrylic paintings of Mathias. 


Rediscover the Icons 



Welcome to Mathias's collection of original "Classic Car" paintings,

a tribute to the timeless elegance of iconic vehicles.


Immerse yourself in the allure of vintage cars that continue to inspire generations.


From the iconic VW camper-bus to the charming Citroen,

the nostalgic Beetle to the rugged old pickup,

Mathias's art celebrates the stories these classic cars carry.



Nostalgia on Canvas


Mathias's brushstrokes bring these classic cars to life on canvas,

evoking the nostalgia of open roads and bygone eras.


The details, colors, and emotions in each painting transport you to a time

when the journey was as important as the destination.



Collect the Classics car


Whether you're a classic car enthusiast

or someone who appreciates the beauty of history, Mathias's collection offers

a chance to own a piece of automotive history in art.



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Orange beetle

Orange beetle

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