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Exploring the Realm of Inkography


Welcome to the realm of inkography,

a harmonious blend of digital art and painting

that results in breathtaking original art prints.


In this collection, Mathias showcases his expertise in combining

the digital realm with traditional artistic techniques.



Digital Painting 


entails crafting an image entirely on the computer, 

utilizing graphic software, filters, and digital brushes. 


This technique offers a multitude of creative avenues, 

with various styles attainable, ranging from illustrative compositions 




to digital impressions showcased in the COSMOS COLLECTION



Digital Art


Variation of original canvas artworks by Mathias,

which are transferred to the digital world where the creative process continues.


During the painting process, artist photograph the canvas 

and transfer it to the digital realm. 


Utilizing specially designed filters, graphic modifications, brushes 

and digital textures, a digital version of the original theme comes to life.   



Inkography is Mathias's mastery in digital creation. 


It's a journey into a world where pixels meet emotions,

resulting in images that resonate with the viewer.


From vibrant illustrations to mesmerizing abstract compositions,

this collection pushes the boundaries of digital art.



The world of Digital Art enchanted in Inkography.


Inkography encapsulates Mathias's ability to bridge

the gap between the digital and the tangible.


These original art prints bring digital creativity to life,

allowing art enthusiasts to experience Mathias's

artistic journey in their living spaces.



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