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Original acrylic painting created by Mathias, the most common motif is Amsterdam,

where he lives and works as well as Dutch landscapes and cities.


In his works with artistic lightness, he pays homage to the classic VW T1 and T2;

animals - looking for their dignity or movement; Disney heroes - where Mickey and Scrooge reign.





Mathias transferred his many years of painting experience to a digital tablet.

Thanks to this, he found other media for artistic work and developing his style.


Designs of digital paintings, Inkography, illustrations, posters, graphic designs,

3D designs "carved" in the digital world are created on a digital tablet.


We place digital art on many media: photo and graphic paper, plexiglass, canvas,

wood, metal, glass, T-shirts, hats and mugs.


You can choose from many collections related to the work of Mathias.





Product studio. A place aimed primarily at the tourist, souvenir or decorative industries.

We design and introduce artistic products to the market

You can purchase a business license for multiple designs and images.

You can also order illustrations, graphic designs, posters, book and magazine covers.

3D designs and animations.

Utility projects, packaging, interior design. 





If you start a company, develop a company or are looking for a visual identity

for your company, you've come to the right place.

If you are looking for branding, rebranding, product or service visualization, we can do it for you.


From a simple graphic sign to an extensive Visual Key and Visual Identification Book.

Projects of documents and company papers.

Signage projects for commercial places and vehicles.

Graphic design of packaging and websites.


Designs of banners, flags, company clothes, brochures, catalogs

and many, many other projects important for the consistency and identification of your company.



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