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Welcome to Author's Gallery  of Mathias

where you will discover a world of art that speaks to the heart and senses!


We stand out through Mathias's unique style.


Our original acrylic paintings on canvas are a testament to the artist's years of experience.

Each artwork is an individuality captured in the artistic lines of the master.


We understand that choosing the perfect piece for your space is no easy task.

Therefore, we offer the option to exchange a purchased original artwork

for another (or others) of the same value.

You have 45 days from the purchase date to make this decision.


If you dream of a painting created according to your idea,

we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the ordering process.

Creating commissioned art is our specialty.


Our inkography is the essence of digital art.

Digital paintings come to life on high-quality, limited edition prints.

It's art encapsulated in the digital realm.


We also invite collaboration from sellers in the Netherlands.

We offer unique tourist souvenirs, magnets, and convenient canvases with prints of digital art.

These are unparalleled works that stand out in the market for their exceptional quality.