I. Company details


1.The Online Gallery is part of the “Kleine Atelier – Mat Amsterdam” gallery, located at: Tweede Boomdwarsstraat 16, 1015 LK Amsterdam.

2. The headquarters of the Online Gallery is at: Foeliestraat 26, 1314 KT Almere.

3. The owner of the Online Gallery is MatAmsterdam Monika Uszynska, Foeliestraat 26, 1314 KT Almere. Company number: 59611421. VAT (value added tax) identification number: NL002528197B75.

4. Bank account number: MATAMSTERDAM, iban: NL45 INGB 0006 3487 33, bic: INGBNL2A.

5. Cantact email:


II. Products


1. Products offered in the Online Gallery:


A. Original Acrylic Paintings

>> Paintings – original easel painting.

 >> Painting to order – commission artworks for private or business customers.

B. Graphics Art - Original graphics made with acrylic ink.

 C. DigitalArt – original digital paintings.

 D. Giclee Fine Art – reproductions of paintings in FineArt limited editions.

 E. Print of Art – print reproductionson canvas and plexiglass.

 F. Ceramic Color Art


2. The photos of Products offered for sale presented in the Online gallery may, due to their individual nature and monitor settings, slightly differ from the original, in particular in terms of color or structure.


3. Paintings.


A. Painted on canvas. Grounded. Protected by a varnish.

B. Sold in four size cathegories:

>> Very large – longer side of the painting from 100 cm.

>> Large – longer side of the painting to 95 cm.

>> Medium – longer side of the painting to 60 cm.

>> Small- longer side of the painting to 30 cm.

C. The canvas is in the original form stretched on a stretcher.

D. Each original painting has a certificate of authenticity.

>> Paintings sizes XL and L – A4 size certificate.

 >> Paintings size M and S – A5 size certificate.

E. The original paintings have the folowing stamps on the back of the canvas:

>> Mathias – original paintings.

>> Gallery Kleine Atelier.

F. The given size in the description of the Product is the size of the stretcher on which the canvas is placed.

G. The Paintings are painted on the side, which allows them to be displayed without additional frames.

H. Paintings with a longer size over 95 cm are sent outside the Netherlands in a rolled-up form, secured in a tube.

I. The Customer can buy any image size in a rolled form in a tube. When placing an order, please select shipping in a tube.

J. The canvas prepared for rolling, has cutouts at the corners for easy installation an a stretcher.

K. The Online gallery is not responsible for stretching the painting on a stretcher when bought in a rolled-up form in a tube.


4. Paintings to order


A.The possibility of ordering an individual, personalized painting.

B. To place an Order for a individual personalized painting, you must have a Customer Profile and be logged in.

C. When ordering please send:

>> Preferably a few illustrative photos.

>> Description of the subject of the painting.

>> Size of the painting.

>> Suggestions for the tone of the painting.

D. The Customer recieves information about the possible date, price and form of delivery.

E. After confirming the Order, the Customer is obliged to pay a minimum of 50% of the price of the painting in the form of an advance payment, which is tantamount to the Purchase agreement.

F. After starting the work on the painting, breaking the contract results in forfeiture of the advance.

G. The remainder of the costs, the price of the painting plus shipping must be paid before the package is shipped.

H. Painting to order is not a subject to the right of withdrawal from the agreement.


5. Graphic Art


A. Created on special graphics paper in A4 and A3 sizes.

B. Made with acrylic ink.

C. Each graphic has a certificate in the A4 size.


6. Giclee Fine Art


A. Printed reproductions of paintings on the highest quality FineArt paper.

B. Reproduced in Limited Editions of 25 pcs.

C. Signed in the back of the print.

D. Each reproduction has a certificate in the A4 size.


7. DigitalArt


A. Printed reproductions of paintings in the highest quality FineArt paper.

B. Reproduced in Limited Editions of 25 pcs.

C. Signed in the back of the print.

D. Each reproduction has a certificate in the A4 size.


8. Print of Art


A. Reproduction on the basis of original paintings.

>> Fridge magnets.

>> Print on plexilas.

>> Print on canvas.

>> Photographs of paintings, in frames.

 >> T-color - t-shirts art.

 >> Mugs.

>> Posters.

>> Postcards.


9. Ceramic Jewelry – color art.


A. Created with ceramic products, referring in color and design to the climate of art at Kleine Atelier.

B. Handmade jewelry, finished with the highest quality accessoiries.


III. Customer


1. Customer – a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality but with having the capacity to perform legal acts, who orders in the Online gallery.

2. Orders in the Online gallery must be placed from the following Profiles :


A. Visiting Customer – placing an order without logging in and creating a Profile.

B. Customer – has a Customer Profile in the Online gallery, placing an order being logged in to his Profile.

C. Viewing the Online gallery offer, placing Orders and agreeing with the Purchase agreement does not require creating a Customer Profile. You can make the purchase as a Visiting Customer.

D. Creating a Customer Profile allows you to use above all the Promotions and special offers, discount for Regular Customers and additional functionalities of the Online Gallery.


IV. Orders


1.Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the whole year, except for technical breaks or failures not due to the Online Gallery.

2. The Customer is responsible for correctly complementing the Order form and providing the exact shipping adress, and for the telephone number and e-mail adress given to make the delivery possible. 

3. The Order is carried out after providing the following in the form:


A. Name and surname.

B. Campany name / optional for companies.

C. Billing address.

D. Shipping address.

 E. E-mail address.

 F. Phone number.


4. In order to provide the best service Online Gallery contacts the Customer via e-mail and in special cases by phone.

5. After placing the Order, the Customer will receive automatic information by e-mail from the Online Gallery providing the vollowing stages of the Order:


A. Confirmation of placing the Order.

B. Payment confirmation.

C. Confirmation of the Purchase Agreement and submission of the Order for implementation.

D. Information about the prepared shipment – tracking code

F. After the confirmation of receiving the shipment by the Customer – sending an electronic invoice.

 G. Closing of the Order.

H. The Order shall remain open for 14 days from delivery of the Product.


6. Questions regarding Orders should be directed via the contact form to the Customer Service Department.


V. Payment


1. All prices of Products in Online Gallery are given in euros.

2. Prices do not include shipping costs, which are calculated separetely and updated in the basket summary.

3. Payments are carried out by means of external payment mechanisms:


A. Visa and Mastercard

B. Ideal

C. PayPal

D. Payment bank transfer

E. Payment on delivery (only upon collection from the Gallery or the store's headquarters)


4. Online Gallery does not have access to identification data related to the Payment and transfer logins, passwords and numbers and codes of payment instruments such as credit cards, payment cards, bank account numbers of login details in ideal and PayPal systems.

5. The Purchase Agreement is confirmed after recieving the Payment.

6. The Customer can choose the form of the VAT invoice.


A. The VAT incoice is normally sent in electronic form to the provided e-mail adress.

B. You can choose the traditional, printed invoice option. The invoice is then attached to the Product in the package.


VI. VAT rates


1. The Online Gallery issues a VAT invoice for each product in accordance with the provisions in force in The Netherlands.

2. All Products in the Online Gallery have a 21% VAT rate included in the price.

3. The VAT rate may vary depending on the terms of the order.

4. Variable conitions of the VAT rates:


A. Sales to Customers with a shipping adress within the European Union are covered by the 21% VAT rate.

B. Sales to Customers with a shipping adress outside the European Union are covered by the 0% VAT rate.

C. Sales to businesses, that are correctly registered in The Netherlands are covered by the 21% VAT rate. (After providing and verifying the Btw billing number)

D. Sales to businesses, that are correctly registered in the European Union, excluding The Netherlands, are covered by the 0% VAT rate. (After providing and verifying the Btw billing number)


5. The VAT rate is updated in the shopping basket during the Order and depends on the shipping adress or company data.


VII. Shipping service


1. Shipping service – a service to deliver an Order to a Customer.

2. The price of the Shipping service is the sum of the costs: securing packaging and sending the Product, hereinafter reffered to as Shipping Cost.

3. The Online Gallery sends it Products via

4. In special situations, Products can be delivered by a non-standard form of delivery, which is individially agreed with the Customer.

5. Shipment of Products ordered in the Online Gallery usually takes place within 3 business days of confirming the Purchase agreement.

6. In special cases, the shipping time may change, which we inform about in the Product description or in the confirmation of the Purchase Agreement, or by a separate e-mail to the e-mail adress provided when placing the Order.

7. Product are well protected and carefully packed.

8. If the Customer has ordered more than one Product, the Online Gallery may deliver Products in seperate shipments, due to their safety and charge additional shipping fee.

9. The shipping cost is processed and updated depending on the quantity of the ordered Products .

10. The Online Gallery may apply for a surchange to the shipping costs if they have been incorrectly calculated.

11. The Online Gallery returns teh overpayment related to shipping costs, if these turn out to be lower than the ones charged.

12. Shipping Orders will be processed after paying all costs.

13. After receiving the package, the Customer should carefully chech the condition of the packaging and its contents.

14. If the Customer sees any defects or damage he/she should draw up a damage report.

15. Questions regarding shipping should be directed via the contact form to the Customer Service Department.


VIII. Personal data / Privacy Policy


1. Placing an Order is tantamount to the Customer's consent to place his personal data in the Online Gallery database for processing in connection with the implementation of the Order.

2. The administrator of the personal data used in the Online Gallery is the Owner.

3. In the event of registering a Customer Profile through social media networking sites such as Facebook, Google or Twitter the Online Gallery will gain access to some of the Customer's personal data posted on the social network site, in accordance with the website's privacy policy.

4. Each Customer has the right to inspect their personal data and to correct them through the Customer Profile.

5. Customer's personal data is not disclosed to third parties. It an be handed over to intermediaries in ordering courier services, postal operators and courier companies in order to complete the order.

6. Any user who has created a Customer Profile may request to delete it at any time. The profile will be deleted within 24 hours. You will not be able to restore such an account. The Customer will have to request a new Profile and enter all the data.

7. The request for permanent deletion of the Customer Profile with all the data should be sent via the contact form to the Customer Service Department.

8. The Online Gallery protects the personal data provided to it and makes every effort to protect it against unauthorized access or use.


IX. Withdrawal from the contract


1. A Customer who has conclued a Purchase Agreement with the Online Gallery may withdraw from it within 14 days without giving a reason.

2. The right to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement is not entitled if the subject of the contract is a Product manufactured according to an individual Customer Order or personalized according to individual needs.

3. The right to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement only applies to individual Customers.

4. The deadline to withdraw from the contract begins from the day the Product is delivered to the Customer by the courier.

5. To meet this deadline, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry via the contact form to the Complaints/Withdrawal Department.

6. The statement on withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement should include:


A. Order number/ invoice number.

B. Specification in detail of the Products and invoice item numbers to which the Purchase Agreement relates.

C. Product delivery date.


7. The Product should be returned to the Online Gallery as fast as possible and not later than than within 14 days from the date of sending the statement of withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement.

8. The cost of returning the Product shall be paid by the Customer.

9. Return shipment should be carefully secured.

10. The Customer is responsible for safely returning the Product.

11. The settlement will take place within 14 days of the return being approved.

12. The refund of the purchase price of the Product, according to the invoice, will be made to the account from which the Payment was made.

13. If the Customer does not meet the deadline for submitting the statement of withdrawal from the contract (point XIII.1.), or if the Product is not returned in its original conditions, the Online Gallery is not obliged to refund the purchase price to the buyer.


X. Complaints


1. The Customer may submit complaints regarding the purchased Product to the Online Gallery via the contact form to the Complaints/Withdrawal Departament.

2. Due to the originality of the Product and the nature of the artist's work, the original painting may bear various discolorations, slight scratches and trace of time, which are part of the artist's creative work and as such do not constitute grounds for Complaints.

3. A properly submitted complaint should contain at least:


A. Name, surname, address and e-mail address of the Customer.

B. Date of purchase of the complained Product.

C. Order/ invoice numer.

D. Name of the claimed Product, item number on the invoice.

E. Customer request indication.

F. Description of the circumstances justifying the complaint.

G. Product photo displaying the defect.


4. If the data or information provided in the complaint require supplementing, before considering the complaint, the Online Gallery asks the person submitting the complaint to supplement the missing or incorrect information/data.

5. If the Complaint has been submitted in a timely manner and in accordance with the Regulations, and the description justifying the complaint is suffuciently demonstrated that the Product is damaged, the Online Gallery might take the following steps:


A. Repair the Product.

B. Replace the Product.

C. Grant the Customer a discount on the purchase price.

D. Terminate the Purchase Agreement and refund.


6. All costs of complaint return delivery are covered by the Online Gallery, after prior agreement on the terms and shipping details.

7. If the Purchase Agreement is terminated, the Online Gallery will refund costs within 14 days.

8. The Customer will receive accurate information on how he can deliver the complainted Product.

9. The Online Gallery does not accept complaints deliveries from purchases paid afterwards.


XI. Force Majeure


1. If the Online Gallery cannot comply with the Purchase Agreement, the Online Gallery cannot be held responsible in the event of force majeure reffered to in section 6:75 of the Civil Code.

2. Force majeure includes fires, disturbances, epicemics, strikes or transport restrictions.

3. The Online Gallery may withdraw from the Order due to random accidents related to the business.


XII. Promotions


1. Permanent Promotions:


A. Connecting Customer- Customer Profile with a newsletter subscribtion – 10% fixed discount which can be combined with other promotions.

B. Regular Customer – Customer Profile, newsletter subscription and purchases exceeding 2000 euro. - 10% fixed discount, which can be combined with other promotuions.

C. Auctions – Kleine Atelier regularlt exhibits paintings at art auctions.

 D. Seasonal promotions are implemented on an ongoing basis and are governed by their own rules, of which the Customers are kept informated about.

E. Contests – carried out on a regular basis with their own rules.

F. Codes, gift vouchers and promotional vouchers are governed by their own rules, of which the Customers are kept informed about.


XIII. Newsletter


1. Newsletter is a form of contact with the Customers interested in Products in the Online Gallery.

2. As a part of the Newsletter, the Customer will receive:


A. Kleine Atelier information brochure – regularly every month.

B. Information about new products in the Online Gallery.

C. Information on new Products.

D. Information about planned events.

E. Information on promotions, competitions and auctions.


3. The Customer will regularly receive Newsletter emails, besed on the consent he has given, when subscribing or registering the Customer Profile.

4. When subscribing please enter your e-mail address.

5. When registering a Customer Profile, all you have to do is to tick that you want to receive the Newsletter.

6. The Customer may unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any times.

7. You can unsubscribe from the Customer Profile or by sending a message via the contact form to the Customer Service department.


XIV. Intelectual property


1. The owner of all photographs in the Online Gallery is the Owner, unless otherwise specified.

2. It is forbidden to use the content published to the website without the written consent of the Owner.

 3. The sale does not cover copyright, in particular the right to reproduce or commercially use the Products or their images.


XV. Regulations and appliccable law


1. The contents of these Regulations can be recorded by printing, saving on a medium or downloading at any time on the Online Gallery website.

2. The Online Gallery has the right to unilaterally ament the Regulations on the principles set out in the provisions of thes point and only in the event of one of the following reasons:


A. Introduction of new services by the Online Gallery.

B. Changes in the form of Shipping or Payment.

C. Changes in the Purchase form.

D. Amendments to the law, which require the adaptation of the Regulations.


3. All Purchase Agreements different from the provisions of the Regulations must be written or in digital form.

4. These conditions and any related Purchase Agreements are subject to Dutch law.

5. Any disputes between the parties related to the Purchase Agreement of these Regulations will be settled peacefully if possible.

6. Any disputed that are not resolved by the parties will be reffered to the appropriate court in Almere ( The Netherlands ).

7. The Online Gallery may also take legal actions against the Customer before a competent court in another country or place.


XVI. Dates and forms of changing regulations


1. The Regulations were prepared on July 15, 2020.