Fulfilling the requests of Mathias art collectors we decided to enter 

the NFT market. We start our adventure with the future in

Art has always assimilated with technical innovations and serigraphy, 

photography, digital printing or computer graphics developed art even more. 

Now is the time for the NFT.


Visit our NFT gallery.


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The NFT offer is available in four collections.


# Commercial license for printing.

By having an NFT from this collection you can commercial reproduce the image.


# Original painting at the NFT.

Tokenized original painting, which you can pick up at the gallery or order shipping.


# Author's series.


# Promotions.






We also recommend Mathias' digital collections.


Creates proprietary NFT projects digital painting, digital projects,

impressionistic searches for color, light and contrast.


All NFT Mathias digital projects will participate in promotions of the Kleine Atelier gallery.

Details soon.